Paul Tucker asked to meet Bob Diamond to discuss Libor in 2008

An email sent from Paul Tucker, then Executive Director for Markets at the Bank of England, to Barclays Vice President Bob Diamond shows that Mr Tucker was "struck" that Barclays was issuing bonds "at around 140 over gilts". "That's a lot," he wrote.

The pair then arranged a time to discuss the matter face-to-face or by phone, although it is not clear whether that conversation took place.

Email from Bob Diamond to Paul Tucker, dated 26 October 2008

In another exchange, in to which the then chief executive of Barclays John Varley was copied, Paul Tucker asked to talk to either official "about Libor". He wrote it is "a slightly sensitive point".

Email exchange between Paul Tucker, Bob Diamond and John Varley, dated 22 October 2008

The email is one of several released to John Mann MP following his Freedom of Information request for the Bank of England.

Mr Tucker is due to be questioned by the Treasury Select Committee later today about his knowledge of the Libor rate-rigging scandal.