Diamond: 'Totally unfair and unfounded' claims

The former Barclays boss Bob Diamond has written a letter to the Treasury Select Committee chairman Andrew Tyrie over claims he misled MPs about regulators' concerns in April over the bank's behaviour.

He wrote:

Having watched the committee's session today I was dismayed that you and some of your fellow committee members appeared to suggest that I was less than candid with the committee last week.

Any such suggestion would be totally unfair and unfounded.

The focus of your concern appears to relate to correspondence between Messrs. Turner [the head of the FSA] and Agius [the Barclays chairman] in April 2012. The questions asked of me, however, concerned the period of promotion in September 2010 and the board meeting I attended in February 2012.

As the letters of April 2012 make clear, those letters followed an April meeting between Messrs. Turner and Agius which I did not attend. I was not asked about the April 2012 meeting nor was I asked about nor shown follow up letter to that April meeting at our session.

[...] The comments made at today's hearing have had a terrible unfair impact upon my reputation, which is of paramount concern to me.