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Terry-Ferdinand handshake row

Chelsea say John Terry and Ashley Cole will go-ahead with the pre-match handshake at QPR tomorrow. It is the first time the Chelsea captain has lined up against Anton Ferdinand since being cleared of using a racial slur against him.

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  1. Juliet Bremner: ITV News Correspondent

Cole suggests Terry incident should not have ended up in court

Ashley Cole is now being shown the close-up side view of John Terry mouthing the allegedly racist phrase. He didn't want to make statement, didn't want to get involved but was ordered to do so by the FA.

Ashley Cole says that there was conflict because, "John Terry is my teammate, and I spend time with Anton and his family, who I have known for a long time".

He says that it's "inappropriate" but not humiliating necessarily to have the opposition making gestures. He denies that he told Anton Ferdinand, "you can't talk to JT like that". Instead, Cole claims he said, "you can't do things like that".

He says that it was noisy and he didn't hear anything from Terry or Ferdinand but said he could work out what Anton was saying because he was facing him.

In the dressing room, Duncan Penny, prosecuting, suggests that the Chelsea players knew about the YouTube clip and what was being alleged. Cole denies this and says he doesn't think that you can get reception in the Loftus Room changing room.

"I had nothing to do with who brought who into the dressing room." Cole said. Cole claims he asked Ferdinand: "Do you think he called you a racist name?"

Racism should not be tolerated, he agrees. But he says "we shouldn't be sitting here", suggesting this matter should never have come to court.

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