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Orange Order march violence

Police were fired upon overnight after violence broke out in North Belfast following the annual Orange Order march passed through the Catholic area of Ardoyne. The PSNI said the parade passed peacefully.

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Police appeal for calm ahead of today's Orange Order march

The Orange Order have been given permission by the parades commission to march through the catholic area of Ardoyne. Credit: Reuters

Police in Northern Ireland have appealed for calm this morning as the annual parades by the Orange Order take place across the province.

The Parades Commission have made the controversial decision to allow the Orange Order to march through the catholic area of Ardoyne. They have until 4pm this afternoon to complete their route, after which time local catholic residents will be allowed to stage their own rally.

The Orange Order says this is not enough time and community representatives are fearful of trouble. Riot police will be separating the Orange Order from the local residents. Chairman of the Police Federation Terry Spence appealed for calm saying:

"No yard of road is worth either an injury or the death of a police officer or a member of the public. The parade should not become a day of shame for both communities."

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