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Orange Order march violence

Police were fired upon overnight after violence broke out in North Belfast following the annual Orange Order march passed through the Catholic area of Ardoyne. The PSNI said the parade passed peacefully.

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Clashes erupt after rival parades in Northern Ireland

Nationalist protesters clash with police in Ardoyne in north Belfast after an earlier Orange parade returned back past shops in the area. Credit: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Violence broke out tonight after loyalist and republican parades through North Belfast.

A burning car was driven at police lines, as two water cannons and hundreds of riot police were deployed at the Ardoyne sectarian interface.

Bottles and other missiles were thrown while republicans and loyalists exchanged taunts.

Trouble has erupted for years at the enclave after the Twelfth of July parade, the culmination of the Protestant Orange Order's marching season.

A group of Orange marchers passes through the Catholic area, in Ardoyne in north Belfast Credit: Niall Carson/PA Wire

Earlier, around 15 Orangemen took part in a silent token parade past the contested shopfronts, jeered by nationalists and cheered by loyalists but there was no violence.

Rioting with republicans attacking police lines later erupted and continued for several hours.

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