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Plans to cut UK speed limits

Government proposals could see speed limits on many rural roads in England cut from 60mph to 40mph. Councils could also be given greater freedom to introduce 20mph schemes.

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New 20mph zones aiming to cut collisions

Under the guidance councils will be encouraged to expand 20mph zones and limits in urban and residential areas where it can be shown they benefit safety and quality of life. There are around 2,000 schemes in England with research suggesting that introducing a 20mph zone can cut collisions by 60%.

Based on this positive effect on road safety traffic authorities can, over time, introduce 20 mph zones or limits into major streets where business on foot is more important then slowing down road and lesser residential roads in cities, towns and villages, particularly where this would be reasonable for the road environment, there is community support and streets are being used by pedestrians and cyclists.

– Department for transport

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