24 dead after ferry sinks off the coast of Tanzania

A ferry with more than 280 people on board, including some foreigners, has capsized and sank off the coast of Zanzibar in Tanzania, killing at least 24 people.

The Tanzanian government have said that so far 145 people have been rescued and so far "twenty-four bodies have been recovered."

Survivors are carried to shore by rescue teams at the port of Zanzibar Credit: REUTERS/Salma Said

Rescue boats and divers are searching for any remaining survivors.

One foreigner, a woman, is said to be among the dead and thirteen other foreigners have been rescued and are being treated in hospital, according to the Tanzanian government.

Paramedics arrange the recovered bodies of victims at the port of Zanzibar Credit: REUTERS/Salma Said

Police said the vessel was carrying 250 adults and 31 children when it capsized near Chumbe island, west of Zanzibar.

Survivors are taken from the sea into the port of Zanzibar. 13 foreigners are receiving treatment in hospital Credit: REUTERS/Salma Said