The world reacts to the London 2012 Opening Ceremony

It's been described as 'bonkers' and 'British' but what did the rest of the world make of the London Olympic Opening Ceremony?

Australian journalist Karen Tighe said that Boyle had "hit the nail on the head" with the opening ceremony.

The Perth-based ABC Sports presenter told BBC Radio 5Live:

It was a fantastic start to the Games. I'm so glad there was no temptation to be better and bigger than Beijing - it was wonderful in its own way and it all came across so well. Visually it looked spectacular, there was humour and the overall picture - I think Boyle hit the nail on the head

– Karen Tighe, ABC Sports presenter, Australia

The New York Times described the Opening Ceremony as "hilariously quirky" while the LA times said:

The ceremony could not have been more of a contrast from Beijing's four years ago, replacing Chinese militaristic precision with British fancifulness.

– The LA Times