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The riots: One year on

Today marks a year since the police shooting of Mark Duggan, which was followed by a wave of rioting, looting and arson that spread across the country.

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UK riots 2011: A time-line

Fire raging through a building in Tottenham during last summer's riots Credit: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

Thursday 4 August 2011: Mark Duggan, 29, is shot dead by police at Ferry Lane, Tottenham.

Saturday 6 August: About 300 people gather outside Tottenham police station after marching from the Broadwater Farm estate. Rioting erupts following a peaceful protest.

Sunday 7 August: A double-decker bus is burnt out and petrol bombs are thrown at police and buildings. Shops are set alight in the area.

Monday 8 August: Furniture store in Croydon Reeve's Corner is burnt down and destroyed. Rioting and looting continues for the third night in London.

Police close to a fire near Reeves Corner, Croydon Credit: Dominic Lipinski/PA Archive

Unrest spreads to other English cities, with Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham and Bristol also experiencing violence.

Tuesday 9 August: MPs are recalled from their summer holidays in the wake of continued disorder across the country.

In Manchester, a shop is set alight and in nearby Salford, people begin smashing shop windows and looting from a shopping centre.

Thursday 11 August: Prime Minister David Cameron makes a statement to MPs in which he admits there are questions to be answered over the shooting.

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