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Rutherford wins long jump gold

Greg Rutherford hailed a "great night for athletics" as he became only the second British man in history to win gold in the long jump.

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Greg Rutherford's parents: 'You try to do anything you can to see your children fulfil their talents'

The parents of Olympic long jump champion Greg Rutherford said they are "extremely proud" of their son's achievement.

"In any athlete's life there's a lot of times when it's not going so great, you get injuries et cetera, but just by pure perseverance, Greg has continued, and look at what he's done," said Andy Rutherford, "and that can apply to anybody."

Tracy Rutherford said there have been "lots of times taking him to training, picking him up from, taking him to competitions, rushing in from work, dropping him off - a nightmare sometimes - but it's built here now!"

"Really we've done no more than any 'good' parents would try and do - and that's to see your children fulfill whatever talent they've got," added Andy.

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