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Govt work scheme 'lawful'

The Government's back-to-work schemes were ruled lawful by the High Court in London today. The scheme has been criticised as "forced labour".

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Jobseekers' claims of 'forced labour' rejected

Two jobseekers' claims that the Government's back-to-work scheme amounts to "forced labour" have been rejected by the High Court. Their cases were as follows:

  • Cait Reilly, a 23-year-old geology graduate, says she was made to do "unpaid menial work" at Poundland without any training or a job interview at the end.
  • Jamieson Wilson, a 40-year-old unemployed HGV driver, says he faces losing benefits for six months after refusing to undertake 30 hours' unpaid work a week for up to six months cleaning furniture.

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