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London Olympics day fourteen

In the women's 4x100 metre relay, the USA smashed a world record that has stood for more than 25 years. For Britain their golden touch seems, temporarily, to have deserted them.

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Team GB punching above its weight in the Olympics

University of St Andrews creates a map showing the distribution of medals at London 2012. Credit: University of St Andrews

Team GB is punching way above its weight in the Olympics, as shown by an interactive atlas which distorts the size of countries to reflect the number of medals won.

A researcher at the University of St Andrews created a map which displays the distribution of medals at London 2012.

The online atlas continually updates to show how the medals are spread across the globe as well as the number of medals by population.

When countries are reconfigured by population size, Britain swells considerably.

USA, predicted to win the most medals, appears smaller than usual and second-place favourites China shrinks to a fraction of its actual size because of its massive population.

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