Armed forces 'will take two years to recover' from Olympics

The armed forces could take two years to recover from the extra deployment of troops for the Olympics, a senior officer told The Guardian.


Wing Commander Peter Daulby, who was in charge of the military's Olympics planning, said it would take time for the military to return to its normal routine following the increase in the number of troops required to make up for the failure by private firm G4S to provide enough guards for the Games

In an interview with the newspaper he said:

We were originally planning to provide niche capabilities. When the requirement for venue security was doubled, that was a bit of a game changer.

We had to generate 18,000 people. That does not mean that there are 18,000 spare people. It means that the Government has prioritised (the Olympics).

It will take two years to recover from this, to get back to normal, to get everything back into kilter. You can't expect them to go back to normal routine very easily.