Syrian army 'bombs hospital' in Aleppo

Activists say the hospital has been targeted. Credit: APTN

Syrian jets and helicopters are continuing to bombard the northern suburbs of Aleppo. Activists say a woman and her three young children were among those killed today.

The local hospital is unable to function as it has been bombed several times throughout the week.

Syrian army helicopters above Aleppo. Credit: APTN

As a result of the bombing, only the ground floor of the hospital is now available to treat people. Hospital assistant Jad Salam said there is not enough space to treat the victims of the shelling. He said:

"The hospital receives around 30 to 50 casualties a day when the shelling is heavy. On other days when it's light shelling it receives around 30 casualties."

Members of the Free Syrian Army have been treated in the hospital. Credit: APTN