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Memorial service for drowned boy

A memorial service is to be held for a four year old boy who died after slipping from a jetty into the sea.

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Boy's body 'washed out to sea'

The body of a four-year-old boy who slipped from a jetty is believed to have been washed out to sea after specialist sonar equipment failed to find him, experts said.

Volunteers from the UK underwater rescue organisation SARbot used specialist sonar equipment to scour the water for Dylan's Cecil 's body. But after spending hours on the water his body could not be found.

The organisation was using sonar equipment which is more sensitive than that used by police and had earlier said that if the youngster's body was still in the area, they would find it.

We've just completed the search and have searched the whole bay and we've not found anything.

We believe that the currents may have taken him right out to sea now, he's certainly not in the bay.

– Duncan Winsbury, chief executive of SARbot

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