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Thalidomide maker apologises

The German company that made anti-morning sickness drug thalidomide has apologised to the thousands of children born without limbs as a result of its use. Harald Stock, chief executive of pharmaceutical company Gruenenthal, said it was "very sorry".

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Thalidomide maker expresses 'sincere regrets' over drug

The chief executive of the German pharmaceutical company Gruenenthal - who made the anti-morning sickness drug thalidomide - has apologised. Here is an extract of his speech:

On behalf of Gruenenthal with its shareholders and all employees, I would like to take the opportunity at this moment of remembrance today to express our sincere regrets about the consequences of thalidomide and our deep sympathy for all those affected, their mothers and their families. We see both the physical hardship and the emotional stress that the affected, their families and particularly their mothers, had to suffer because of thalidomide and still have to endure day by day.

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