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Archbishop's duties to decrease

The Anglican Church is planning to hand over some of the global duties of the Archbishop of Canterbury to a "presidential" figure, it has been reported.

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Anglican Church to establish new role

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams has revealed to the Daily Telegraph that plans are being drawn up for a new role at the Anglican Church to oversee the day-to-day running of the Anglican Communion and its 77 million members.

I don't think I've got it right over the last 10 years, it might have helped a lot if I'd gone sooner to the United States when things began to get difficult about the ordination of gay bishops, and engaged more directly.

I know that I've, at various points, disappointed both conservatives and liberals.

Most of them are quite willing to say so, quite loudly.

It would be a very different communion, because the history is just bound up with that place, that office (Archbishop).

So there may be more of a sense of a primacy of honour, and less a sense that the Archbishop is expected to sort everything.

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