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Assisted suicide law criticised

The laws on assisted suicide have been criticised as "ridiculous" by a newly-promoted Health Minister.

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Tony Nicklinson's wife welcomes minister's assisted suicide comments

Tony Nicklinson's wife has welcomed the willingness of newly-appointed health minister Anna Soubry to "stick her neck out" on the issue of assisted suicide law, but said reforms that restricted the measure to the terminally ill would not be enough.

Jane and Tony Nicklinson in August after losing his High Court battle Credit: Emma Hallett/PA Wire

Tony Nicklinson, who suffered from locked-in syndrome, died a week after losing his legal bid to end his life when he chose with the help of a doctor. He was 58 at the time of his death.

"Everyone goes on about assisted suicide for the terminally ill but that is just not far enough for us," Jane Nicklinson told Sky News. "Tony's rights should be taken into account, and others like Tony, as much as those who are dying".

"We're pleased that she has come forward and said this. It does open the debate even more, having an MP who's willing to stick her neck out and actually support assisted suicide. But we would like it to be a step further," Mrs. Nicklinson added.

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