Royal couple 'excited' to be in Singapore

At the airport, the royal couple were greeted by senior parliamentary secretary for the ministry of defence Maliki Osma.

It's a great honour to have them here in Singapore, for them to be starting their tour here.

William said he has friends here and he's been told there are lots of wonderful things to see.

They said they were excited to be here and looking forward to the visit.

His wife Sadiah Bte Shahal, who presented Kate with an enormous bouquet of yellow flowers, said:

They are such a lovely couple, so affable. Kate was asking me about my children, what their ages are.

We talked about the UK and particularly about shopping at Bicester. I said I've been there and I love it and she said she does as well. She said it's great how everything is so contained.

She also asked me about the flowers I gave her, she said they are very unusual and what are they.

I said I'm not sure but I think they're two types of orchids.