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Shooting survivor returns to UK

Surrey Police has told ITV News that Zainab al-Hilli, the seven-year-old British girl who was wounded in the Alps shootings in which her parents were killed "is returning to the UK" today. She has been in hospital being treated for a fractured skull.

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Report: Alps survivor 'could be left blind'

The seven-year-old girl, whose family was shot dead by a gunman in the French Alps could have been left blinded, according to The Telegraph.

Zainab al-Hilli survived the attack despite being shot in the shoulder and pistol-whipped around the head, bu there are concerns her health is deteriorating.

The facial injuries were reportedly so horrific that she could lose her sight in one eye. A police source was quoted as saying of Zainab:

She suffered multiple facial injuries that caused two subdural hematomas and a fractured orbital bone. She was beaten around the face with great force, the trauma was immense.

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