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Shooting survivor returns to UK

Surrey Police has told ITV News that Zainab al-Hilli, the seven-year-old British girl who was wounded in the Alps shootings in which her parents were killed "is returning to the UK" today. She has been in hospital being treated for a fractured skull.

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Surrey Police: French investigators to provide support in Alps case

A French prosecutor and judge are due to arrive in the UK in order to liaise with police teams in the UK in the investigation into the al-Hilli family shootings, Surrey Police have said in a statement. Surrey police said:

The purpose of the visit is to build upon the already good liaison and established cooperation between the French Gendarmerie and Surrey Police teams, given the complex nature of the investigation crossing two jurisdictions.

Surrey Police is continuing to provide all possible support, including the provision of specialist search teams to carry out thorough checks at an address in Claygate, and a Family Liaison Officer (FLO) to assist members of the family involved both in France and the UK.

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