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'Meteor' showers light up skies

People from across the UK have reported seeing meteors lighting up the skies last night.

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Eyewitnesses watch 'amazing' display of 'meteors'

Members of the public described seeing last night's 'meteor shower' on the ITV News facebook page:

I saw one It was huge.. It was amazing.. White ball with flames behind it, kettlethorpe Wakefield about 11pm.

– Kitty Porter

O.m.g !!!!! I did!!!! It went straight over my house!! It looked like a firework that didn't go out it was weird.

– Lou Chard Wensley

I saw it in burnley wondered what it was it was travelling that fast, shouted of my 13 year old son and we both watched it travel across the sky it was amazing.

– Diane Robinson

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