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Lib Dem conference: Day two

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has insisted he will re-double efforts to push for taxes targeting the wealthy as he starts a fightback against low personal popularity levels.

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Liberal Democrats trail behind UKIP in poll

A new online poll, launched by the Observer, shows Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg is the most unpopular of the party leaders, with an approval rating of only 13%. The poll also showed:

  • If Mr Clegg remained leader, 57% would be 'very unlikely' to vote for his party
  • If Vince Cable were to become leader, 44% would be 'very unlikely' to vote Lib Dem
  • 41% of people think the Lib Dems have had a 'very or quite' negative influence on government
  • 19% of people think the Lib Dems have had a positive effect on government
  • Just one in three voters who supported the Lib Dems in 2010 would do so again
  • 8% of voters said they would support the Lib Dems in the next election - behind Ukip.
  • 30% would vote Conservative, and 42% would vote Labour

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