Ed Miliband scores poorly in voter poll

The findings from the Populus survey of 2,000 voters, released by the Conservative Party, make difficult reading for the Labour leader:

  • 73% agreed that Ed Miliband did not have what it takes to be prime minister in tough economic times, while 72% agreed he was too weak to be a credible leader.
  • 67% said Labour chose the wrong Miliband brother and 51% said they would be more likely to vote Labour if the party had a stronger leader.
  • Only 20% regarded the Labour leader as "prime ministerial", compared with an overwhelming 80% who did not.
  • Only 23% thought he was "the best leader his party has available", while 77% said he was not.
  • Just 36% agreed he was "strong and determined", against 64% who disagreed.
  • He was viewed as "charismatic" by 18% and not by 82%.
  • Some 17% saw him as "a natural leader", while 83% did not.