Former producer: Savile had a 'shocking reputation for young women'

Wilfred De'Ath, a former producer of Jimmy Savile's on the BBC radio show Teen Scene, has explained his experiences of the DJ's behaviour.

He said:

He had a reputation, he had a shocking reputation for young women, but it was all hearsay, I didn’t know whether to believe it or not.

So I turned up at the Lotus House, I think it was on a Friday evening and there he was sitting on a banquette with this very young girl, I would guess she was twelve if you’d ask me to guess.

I asked him where he’d found her, I said ‘where did you pick her up?’ And he said ‘Oh Top of the Pops’.

And I said, I remember saying ‘Is that your happy hunting ground?’ and he said ‘Yes’.

– Wilfred De'Ath

Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile will be broadcast on ITV1 at 11.10pm on Wednesday October 3rd 2012.