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Cameron signals further cuts

The Conservative Party's annual conference opened in Birmingham today. David Cameron ruled out the 'mansion tax' saying this 'not going to happen.' He also signalled that additional benefit cuts would be necessary to fight the deficit.

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Hugh Grant calls for independent press regulator

Hugh Grant is concerned the Government will ignore the Leveson Inquiry Credit: PA

The actor High Grant has urged the Government to establish an independent media regulator on the back of Lord Leveson's inquiry into press ethics.

"Self-regulation of the press is a system that has been proven to fail for 50 years," the actor told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show.

"What could come out of Leveson is an independent regulator. I do not see the slightest danger to freedom of speech from it."

Grant said he fears David Cameron's government could ignore the findings of the inquiry.

"Suddenly, sinisterly, a few weeks ago we start to get weird rumblings from (the Government) that Leveson is a waste of time," he said.

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