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34% of Scots back independence

David Cameron and Scotland's First Minister Alex Salmond have signed a deal to grant the government in Edinburgh the power to hold a referendum on independence. But an ITV News Index poll appears to show only 34% of Scots support independence.

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Poll: Only 34% of Scots support independence

An ITV News Index Poll carried out by ComRes appears to show only 34% of Scottish voters support independence, compared with 55% who oppose it.

Of those surveyed:

  • 29% of British respondents support Scottish independence
  • 71% of Scots believe only Scottish citizens should get a vote in the referendum
  • 41% of Brits said everyone in the UK should get to vote in the referendum
  • Just 22% of Scottish respondents agreed everyone in the UK should get a vote

ComRes interviewed 2,097 British adults online between 12-14 October.

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