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Planned badger cull is delayed

The Government has confirmed it is to delay two badger cull pilot schemes to tackle TB in cattle until next summer, claiming it is at the request of the National Farmer's Union.

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RSPCA: 'This is good news for badgers'

The RSPCA, which has campaigned against the cull, welcomed news of an expected delay to badger cull plans but said it must be more than a temporary reprieve.

The animal welfare charity's chief executive Gavin Grant said:

This is good news for badgers, cows, dairy farmers and animal-lovers alike.

Hopefully, it marks the beginning of the end for these unscientific, foolish and cruel plans to cull badgers.

We welcome this postponement, but this must not be a temporary reprieve, but must mark an end to all cull plans.

Science, the public and MPs from all parties had said very clearly that a cull is no answer to bovine TB.

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