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4G launches in the UK

Millions of customers across the UK are able to connect to superfast 4G products from this morning. EE network has launched its 4G network in ten cities across the UK.

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  1. Rob Smith, ITV Granada correspondent

Slow uptake of 4G phones in Manchester

A test carried out on a demo 4G phone (right) showed the difference in speed Credit: ITV Granada

The first 4G mobile network went live in Manchester and Liverpool on Tuesday. It's nippy compared to its 3G counterpart, but not blistering.

They had more staff than customers at the store I was at in Manchester. Most people coming in were opting for 3G.

The first customer to switch from 3G to 4G in Manchester was this reporter:

The store's first 4G customer Credit: ITV Granada

To be fair, the phones perform faster - the speedtest above shows the difference.

But where is the potential 100Mbs we were once promised from 4G?

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