Cameron doubtful over 'mega inquiry' into child abuse

Prime Minister David Cameron has been asked if would be better to have one inquiry into historic allegations of child abuse such as those involving involving Jimmy Savile and a north Wales care home, rather than separate ones.

Mr Cameron told ITV1's This Morning:

I think the real question is, would that help us get to the truth any quicker. I'm very anxious that the BBC finds out what went wrong that allowed Jimmy Savile to do all those things over so many years.

I think the fastest way of that happening is with the former judge that they've got doing that investigation.

I want to find out what happened in north Wales. The fastest way of finding out is with the judge that I've appointed.

The idea that if you had one mega inquiry that you'd speed everything up, I'm not sure this is true.

I don't rule out taking further steps. I want the Government to be absolutely on top of this, I don't want anything to be covered up.

If there are more things we have to do, we will do them.