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Tuition fees push inflation up

UK inflation leapt to 2.7% last month after university students were hit with a near-trebling in tuition fees and households faced rising food costs, official figures revealed.

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Labour: Government need to 'kick-start' the economy

This is a worrying increase in the inflation rate. But instead of easing the squeeze, the Government is adding to the cost of living crisis for people on low and middle incomes.

Conservative and Lib Dem MPs last night voted against Labour’s call for January’s 3p fuel duty rise to be postponed. And in the coming months millions of families and pensioners on low and middle incomes face rising energy bills, cuts to child benefit and the granny tax, while 8,000 millionaires get a tax cut.

This out of touch government has got its priorities all wrong. It’s time they took urgent action to help people on middle and low incomes and kick-start our flatlining economy.

– Catherine McKinnell MP, Labour’s Shadow Treasury Minister

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