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Tuition fees push inflation up

UK inflation leapt to 2.7% last month after university students were hit with a near-trebling in tuition fees and households faced rising food costs, official figures revealed.

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Unite: Osborne pushing the public 'to breaking point'

The squeeze on household incomes that has turned into a nightmare stranglehold for millions of working people should herald a government economic U-turn.

We are in a desperate situation where millions of working people and their families are juggling rising food and energy bills when household incomes for the majority of people have not kept pace in recent years. Where families lead in suffering, shops and businesses will follow.

With further energy price rises due in the next couple of months, a bleak mid-winter can expected by millions whose lives have been made a misery by ministers unable to connect with the lives of ordinary people.

George Osborne’s misguided and ill-conceived austerity programme is pushing the people of this country to breaking point. What is needed is action now to put money into the pockets of the millions of working people who are the backbone of this country. Instead, we get £40,000 tax-breaks for the super rich.

– Len McCluskey, Unite general secretary

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