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Christian wins Facebook action

Adrian Smith, a Christian who was demoted for posting his opposition to gay marriage on Facebook, has won his breach of contract action against employers Trafford Housing Trust.

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Christian warns PM over 'impact of redefining marriage'

Mr Smith said he was "pleased" to have won his legal bid but added that "this sad case should never have got this far".

He said Trafford Housing Trust should have "held their hands up and admitted they made a terrible mistake" and that his life had been turned upside down by the ordeal.

Christian Adrian Smith was demoted for posting his opposition to gay marriage on Facebook.

He added: "Something has poisoned the atmosphere in Britain, where an honest man like me can be punished for making perfectly polite remarks about the importance of marriage.

"I have won today. But what will tomorrow bring? I am fearful that, if marriage is redefined, there will be more cases like mine - and if the law of marriage changes people like me may not win in court.

"Does the Prime Minister want to create a society where people like me, people who believe in traditional marriage, are treated as outcasts? That may not be his intention, but, as my treatment shows, that's what will happen.

"The Prime Minister should think very carefully about the impact of redefining marriage on ordinary people."

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