Displaced Gaza residents celebrate ceasefire

Abdel-Nasser al-Tom. Credit: APTN

Abdel-Nasser al-Tom, a displaced resident of Gaza, said:

"I came out from underneath the firing. I want my children and to live in safety. I don't want war. I don't want that every three years the Israelis start assassinations and then a war breaks out between us and them. I just hope they commit to peace."

Abdel-Rahman al-Attar. Credit: APTN

Abdel-Rahman al-Attar, another displaced resident of Gaza, said:

"We want to go home. We want to get a reprieve from the rockets. Do you think we are happy with the rockets? No, we are not. Neither those of the Israelis nor of the Arabs."

Displaced people sheltering in UN schools cheer in celebration of the ceasefire. Credit: APTN