Newspapers reaction to CofE rejecting women bishops

"One speaker said, as if it mattered: "I don't believe that this is legislation that will allow the world to look at the church tonight and see Jesus Christ"; and no one pointed out that back on planet earth, the world will look at the church today and say: 'Jesus Christ!'"

"The decision is remarkable but understandable given the Anglican Church's paralysis. On the one hand, it has become the Labour Party at prayer – fixated on equality. On the other, its obsession with showing respect to conservatives means that it cannot commit to its own egalitarian principles."

"Yesterday was a sad and shameful day for the Church of England and therefore for the country of which it is the established religion. It took 12 years of deliberation and prayer for the Church to arrive at its decision on appointing women as bishops, and yet it got that decision dreadfully wrong."