Conley: I stopped taking anti-depressants in the jungle

I'm A Celebrity contestant Brian Conley has told ITV1's Daybreak he stopped taking the anti-depressants that he had been prescribed for 15 years while he was in the jungle.

The comedian and actor said he had been suffering from malnutrition and exhaustion but the show's bosses, worried about his well-being, insisted he keep taking the medication - which he refused.

Brian Conley has spoken after his ten-day stay in the 'I'm a Celebrity' jungle. Credit: ITV Daybreak

He said: "ITV is a big huge company, they have got to do it right and if I've bought these tablets in, I've got to take them."

Brian left the show after ten days in the jungle.

He added that he has not taken anti-depressant medication since leaving the show and he believes the incident has made him a "much stronger man".