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Stalking becomes a crime

Stalking has become a specific criminal offence in England and Wales in a move to improve victims' safety. The government has introduced two new offences: stalking and stalking involving a fear of violence.

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Jeremy Browne: Stalking must not be trivialised

Crime prevention minister Jeremy Browne says the introduction of new legislation making stalking a criminal offence will stop the issue being "brushed under the carpet".

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, he said:

It is the sort of offence that people can sometimes brush under the carpet, not be aware of, it has been trivialised sometimes, I think, in the past as something which is just people, mainly women, being a bit bothered but nothing to worry about too much.

This is a very serious problem which affects thousands of thousands of mainly women, not exclusively women, but mainly women, right across the country.

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