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86 politicians oppose a press law

86 politicians from the three major parties, including eight former Cabinet ministers, have written to the Daily Telegraph urging David Cameron not to bring in new laws if Lord Justice Leveson proposes state regulation of newspapers in his report.

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Lib Dem Deputy opposed to statutory regulation of press

The Lib Dems Deputy Leader Simon Hughes told ITV1's The Agenda that he is opposed to the statutory regulation of the press.

He told ITV News Political Editor Tom Bradby: "There must be a strong argument for making sure we don't have a dominant force which runs all the channels so we don't have the choice, they influence too much and set the prices, set the agenda."

"There is the other issue which is about regulation... I'm not for having a statutory system but I am for having a system that says look there will be a fall-back."

Lord Justice Leveson's report is published on Thursday.

The Agenda is on ITV1 at 10.35pm and at 11:35pm in Scotland.

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