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Minimum alcohol pricing

Ministers have defended controversial plans to ban cheap deals on alcohol in England and Wales, insisting they would save hundreds of lives every year. The coalition is proposing a minimum alcohol price of 45p per unit and an end to multi-buy offers

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New rules to stop weekend binge-drinking 'visions of hell'

Home Office Minister Damien Green dismissed suggestions that minimum pricing would have no impact on binge drinking. Speaking to Radio 4's Today programme he said:

Too many of us have seen city centres on a Friday and Saturday night often become a vision of hell. A lot of this is fuelled by very cheap, very strong alcohol.

The point of having a minimum unit price rather than, say, increasing taxation, is that you can target ... the shops that do deliberately sell very strong drink very cheaply.

It is just a fact of economics and indeed of life that if you put the price of a particular product up, demand for it goes down.

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