Leveson Report: What the papers say

Daily Mail - Cameron and Clegg split over the future of the Press

The coalition was heading for an unprecedented split last night after David Cameron and Nick Clegg clashed over the future of Press regulation.

The Sun - Change .. not Chains

The future of Britain's free Press hangs in the balance today - as crime victims, military heroes and political heavyweights plead in The Sun for Parliament not to shackle newspapers.

Independent - Coalition braced for split over Leveson

The Deputy Prime Minister is considering taking the extraordinary step of publicly dissenting from his own Government's response to the Leveson Inquiry's blueprint for the future of a free press in Britain.

The Telegraph - Press curbs: Clegg may defy Cameron

David Cameron and Nick Clegg are at loggerheads over the Leveson Inquiry report which is expected to recommend today some form of statutory regulation of the press.

Daily Mirror - Dave v Nick

David Cameron and Nick Clegg are poised for a bruising clash over the Leveson report into press ethics which finally comes out today

The Times (£) As Leveson reports, owner of Independent seeks help

The owner of The Independent and Evening Standard is searching for an investor to share the pain of his losses.

The Guardian - Cameron and Clegg at odds on Leveson as D-Day dawns

The threat of a coalition split over future regulation of the press was looming last night as Conservative cabinet sources accused the Liberal Democrats of playing a dangerous game by appearing to back state regulation.

Financial Times (£) - Cameron seeks unified response to Leveson

David Cameron will today embark on a last-minute round of political diplomacy to try to secure cross-party support for a new system of press regulation and head off a split in his coalition.