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Morning after drivers targeted

A hard-hitting TV commercial reissued today will spearhead the Government's Christmas anti drink-drive campaign and target 'well intentioned' morning after drivers, police say.

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Is it safe to drive the morning after drinking alcohol?

Recent research found that more than half of young drivers and over a third of older motorists are risking lives by driving first thing in the morning after drinking a lot the night before.

Half of young drivers are said to be risking their lives the morning after drinking Credit: PA Wire

While far fewer people are taking the risk of drink-driving at night, more are getting into their cars in the morning. Many without realising they could still be over the legal limit to drive.

There is no effective way to estimate the level of alcohol in your blood by counting the units of alcohol you drink, as alcohol is absorbed at different rates depending on factors including: height, weight, tiredness, stress levels, and how much and how recently you have eaten.

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