More than 10 million households feeling squeezed

George Osborne will deliver his Autumn Statement at a time when more than 10 million households are feeling financially squeezed, consumer group Which? has said.

The group urged the Chancellor to ensure spiralling energy and food costs are kept under control, claiming almost one in 10 have defaulted on a loan, bill or housing costs.

  • The group's "squeezometer" found almost one in four people (39%) are feeling financially squeezed, equating to 10.2 million households.
  • Researchers found 9% of households have defaulted on a loan, bill or housing costs, equating to 2.3 million families if the figures are projected nationally.
  • Some 6% of households have gone into an unauthorised overdraft or used a payday loan to tide themselves over, translating to around 1.5 million families on a national level.
  • Researchers highlighted consumers' top worries as the price of fuel, energy and food.