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Fiennes frustrated at frostbite

Sir Ranulph Fiennes says he is "frustrated" at being forced to pull out of an expedition across Antarctica because of frostbite.

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Fiennes to undertake six-month Antarctic expedition

  • The name of the expedition is called 'The Coldest Journey'.
  • The expedition will begin on 21 March 2013 at the winter equinox.
  • It will take six months in total - crossing Antarctica to reach the Ross Sea and has taken 5 years to plan.
  • Fiennes is aiming to travel 2,000 miles across the continent over six months, mostly in complete darkness and in temperatures approaching -90C.
  • The SA Agulhas will take on board technical equipment and supplies including two 20-tonne tractors, two cabooses, scientific equipment, fuel sleds, specially heated clothing and Antarctic cold weather gear, and a variety of food supplies.

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