Man dies from heart attack after dancing 'Gangnam Style'

Korean pop icon PSY's Gangnam Style dance has become a global phenomenon. Credit: Press Association

A father-of-three collapsed and died from a heart attack at his office Christmas party after dancing to Gangnam Style, the Daily Mirror reports.

Eamonn Kilbride, who was 46, complained of chest pains and collapsed at a party in Darwen, Lancashire.

His wife Julie said: "Eamonn was always the life of the party and loved dancing.

"We were having a fantastic time at the Christmas party and Eamonn had just finished dancing to Gangnam Style.

"He was on stage and entertaining everybody."

"He said he had a bit of a pain and just collapsed.

"I tried to revive him until the ambulance got there, but by the time he got to the hospital he was gone."

Paramedics were unable to save his life, and he was pronounced dead as he arrived at Royal Blackburn Hospital at around 11:30 on Saturday night.