'D' is for Divorce: Sesame Street tackles marriage breakdown for the first time

Children's TV institution Sesame Street has tackled the issue of divorce for the first time.

In a segment in the latest episode of the US show, a fairy called Abby Cabaddy draws pictures of her two homes - one where she lives with her father and one with her mother. This sparks a discussion with the other characters about what divorce is.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that the long-running show has tried to tackle the issue before. In 1992 Sesame Street filmed a scene about divorce but it was received so badly by focus groups that it was shelved.

This latest attempt comes with a full multi-media backing, with apps available on the iTunes store for parents and children to help them deal with divorce.

Sesame Street is well known for tackling difficult issues, in 2006, Bill Clinton appeared in a UNICEF public service announcement alongside Kami an HIV-positive character from the South African version of the show, Takalani Sesame.