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EU leaders reject Syria move

Prime Minister David Cameron has told ITV News Europe Editor James Mates that EU leaders did not discuss military intervention in Syria during the EU summit.

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'Mr Berlusconi comes back, Europe trembles!'

Berlusconi: "From time to time, someone criticise me for certain things but when they speak to me they agree with me" Credit: EBU

The former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi has said he is willing to be considered as a successor to the outgoing Mario Monti.

Asked by a reporter if he would be a candidate, he replied in French: "If it's necessary, yes!

"If there is...someone who would be available who could put together all the Italians from the moderate centre then I would be happy to not be a candidate in my old age."

When asked if was disappointed he did not have the support of the centre right grouping, the European People's Party, he said: "They support me, absolutely!

"From time to time someone criticises me for certain things, but when they speak to me they agree with me.

"The last couple of days, I read the headlines of all newspapers, including those in the European newspapers, and the verdict was: 'Mr Berlusconi comes back, Europe trembles!'"

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