Petraeus mistress won't face cyberstalking charge

US federal prosecutors have decided not to charge General David Petraeus' former mistress with cyberstalking after it was alleged she stalked a romantic rival online.

The US Attorney's Office in Tampa, Florida, told Reuters, "After applying relevant case law to the particular facts of this case" it had "decided not to pursue a federal case regarding the alleged acts of 'cyberstalking' involving Paula Broadwell".

General David Petraeus pictured with Paula Broadwell Credit: REUTERS/ISAF/Handout

Petraeus, a retired US Army general, resigned as CIA director in November after acknowledging he had an extramarital affair with Ms Broadwell.

The affair came to light after Ms Broadwell emailed Florida socialite Jill Kelley allegedly warning her to stay away from Petraeus, prompting an FBI investigation .