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Neon making 'good progress'

The father of Neon Roberts, whose mother failed in a legal bid to stop him having radiotherapy for a brain tumour, said his son is making "good progress" after receiving radiotherapy treatment.

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Neon's mum: 'I'll sue if there are side effects'

Sally Roberts said in an interview that her legal team has made an application to appeal against the decision to treat her son Neon's brain tumour with radiotherapy, adding that she intends to sue if he suffers side-effects.

She told the Daily Mail: "I've been told I’m an irresponsible parent. I feel backed into a corner. It is taking away my human rights as a mother. Neon is my son. How dare the state impose their treatments on my son? They are not allowing me as the mother to make these decisions.

"If I’d been given the extra time I asked for to research these other therapies in more detail, things could have turned out differently."

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