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Hunt ban vote 'not imminent'

The Environment Secretary says there is no imminent prospect of a vote on repealing the hunting ban. But the Countryside Alliance say are they "confident" the ban will eventually be repealed.

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Hunt master: 'More important' things than repealing ban

A joint master of Croome and West Warwickshire Hunt said there were more important bills for MPs to debate than the hunting ban:

The Government has promised to try and repeal the ban on hunting, and try and make the time for it, and we accept that.

But there's more important issues than the repeal of the hunting ban right now, and also - what a waste of money it would be at the moment to put something together.


The Croome hunt uses drag hunting on Boxing Day and 30 riders will set out from the town of Pershore in Worcestershire today. Mrs Allen added:

I think all hunts' memberships are healthy at the moment and as healthy as they were before the ban.

We continue to drag hunt, we flush using the golden eagle and we exercise the hounds, and people in the country like to see us out.

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