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Falklands war files released

A cache of documents detailing behind-the-scenes meetings and operations during the Falklands War have been released under the 30-year rule.

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Letter reveals 'James Bond' ploy to stop Argentine arms buyers

Documents released by the National Archives under the 30-year-rule reveal that Margaret Thatcher's Attorney General, Sir Michael Havers, devised an elaborate plan to deceive Argentinian arms buyers in the run-up to the Falklands war.

The letter written by Attorney General Sir Michael Havers to the Prime Minister in 1982 Credit: National Archives/PA Wire

Havers came up with the ploy in league with a friend in the air freight business in June 1982.

In a letter to Prime Minister Thatcher, he admitted himself that the idea was "more appropriate to a James Bond movie!"

The ploy involved approaching potential arms exporters with the offer of providing a freight service, and then redirecting the weapons to a safe location.

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